Power Flushing

Are your gas bills high? Your central heating system may be in need of some maintenance. There is likely a build up sludge and scale even corrosion from your central heating pipes and radiators. Power Flushing is a safe and easy way to increase the efficiency and to reduce your running costs by removing the remove sludge and debris. You may not know this but corrosion within central heating systems accounts for 85% of all system/boiler failures and here at Build & Heat Solutions we can offer you high quality Power Flushing service all over South East London including parts Kent. We are confident that if you take us on our Power Flushing services, we will have your Central Heating System working back at its optimum levels of performance again.

Its also worth noting, that Power Flushing is the most efficient and effective method of cleansing a central heating system. Cleaning and protection agents will be added to the system to further prolong its life. In the Winter seasons temperatures can plummet below zero outside - this makes it all the more necessary to ensure you are getting the maximum out of your Central Heating, after all you're paying for your Gas Service and its vital that your Boiler and Central Heating System are in peak condition.

If you think your Central Heating Service and Boiler need inspecting then don't delay - get in touch with us today - we'll provide you with a Power Flush service and when we're done, you can say goodbye to radiator noise, cold spots and high gas bills for good.

If you require a reliable, affordable high quality power flushing service in the South East London or Kent area, we have you covered

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