New Builds in Bexleyheath, Erith, Sidcup, Welling and the surrounding areas

As a Building and Construction company, we are on hand to help turn you goals and ambitions into reality by working closely with you from planning, design all way through to build and closure.

One of the most exciting and financialy fruitful decisions which you can make is that of a New Build. We are aware that not everybody is fortunate enough to have a sizeable budget and a healthy financial outlay to fulfil this sort of dream, which is why it becomes essential you speak with companies who are capable of measuring up to your expectations.

We have heard many horror stories of investments in new builds that either go over budget, over schedule or simply the finished end result is not up the high standards that the client was hoping.

With Build & Heat Solutions, we can give you complete confidence in our ability once you engage us in a free friendly consultation where we will intimately understand your new build requirements before even thinking about material costs and timeframes. We work with our clients all the way right through to the completion of any project in a transparent and friendly manner.

With a New Build, the financial outlay can be vast - and it can be a challenge to truly understand how good a company you've approached for the first time, really is. BS Building Solutions are happy to discuss case studies with you as well as providing you with the references of previous happy clients.

We are a completely reliable and professional Building solutions Company in South East London and would gladly work with you on a new build, especialy if its the dream home you've always wanted - we would be happy to build it for you from scratch.

For further information on any of your Building Services please call us on 0744 980130

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